Anonymous asked: Hey man I bought a pair of gap raw selvedge 13 oz. Does brand matter when it comes to raw? Or can you just wear the shit out of any raw? They are pretty nice quality. It's says japanese selvedge but made in china. haha sooo i think that might be bullshit. But other than that they are nice jeans.

That’s a good question mate. I’ll try to answer as good as possible: Usually brands like GAP, UNIQLO and APC, etc. don’t use the best fabrics that are out there, neither are their jeans made with love compared to a pair of ROY’s, Railcar’s or some of the better known Japanese brands. You can still wear these cheaper pairs hard and get sick, award winning fades!!

The only ‘but’ here is that these brands are not completely part of the denim head ideology. So brand doesn’t matter, but the philosophy behind the brand does!

You can compare it to me wearing nice oxford shoes bought at a department store and then talking to somebody who makes these shoes by hand, very slow, with love, selecting the best leathers and threads. You can say both are oxfords, but there is a difference right? one of us is a shoes freak and the other is not.

When it comes to raw denim I learned to appreciate this whole philosophy of making things with love, the slow way, the high quality way. 

At this moment I don’t care about buying oxford shoes from a department store and there is nothing wrong with that either. Just like buying a pair of selvedge denim at GAP, APC, etc. But it does say something about the person buying them and in time this might change :). 

Good luck with wearing your GAP’s and meanwhile I hope you’ll start looking for what else is out there. I did exactly the same by the way!


UES 7 months update

I bought my first boots at The Globe in Arnhem (The Netherlands).
Red Wing Beckman 9016!

Here is their Tumblr page: /

UES detail shots

UES Detail shots

Warehouse 800 - Post soak fit pics!

Warehouse 800 - Post Soak (hand wash + washing machine)

Warehouse 800 - Pre soak fit pics

Warehouse 800 - Yellow Selvedge

Warehouse 800 - Yellow Selvedge

Warehouse 800 - Selvedge

Warehouse 800 - Selvedge

New Project: Warehouse 800

Project #5

Project #5

Bonus shots made outside. It was a sunny day, but I found the shade