I bought my first boots at The Globe in Arnhem (The Netherlands).
Red Wing Beckman 9016!

Here is their Tumblr page: http://theglobe1969.tumblr.com /

UES detail shots

UES Detail shots

Warehouse 800 - Post soak fit pics!

Warehouse 800 - Post Soak (hand wash + washing machine)

Warehouse 800 - Pre soak fit pics

Warehouse 800 - Yellow Selvedge

Warehouse 800 - Yellow Selvedge

Warehouse 800 - Selvedge

Warehouse 800 - Selvedge

New Project: Warehouse 800

Project #5

Project #5

Bonus shots made outside. It was a sunny day, but I found the shade

UES 6 months update

Local product I bought in Berlin. Fettkopp pomade, best stuff I ever had!


Anonymous asked: How are you getting such good fades after only 4 months or so?

2 factors:
1- I wear them every day and from time to time I work at the site with my dad in them. Best work pants ever! And wearing them hard creates nice fades.

2- Mostly it’s because of the special denim used by the UES. It’s a fast fading denim that looses it’s indigo really well.